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The Windy Walk

The wind woke me this morning as it shook the trees outside and rattled our little house. When I went downstairs I noticed that our garden table and chairs had been blown over, just one still standing. I looked up at the sky and saw how fast the clouds were moving. Oh no, I thought, it’s day two of my new project and I don’t want to go up the hill in this. But I will.

I made two mugs of coffee using our pot with the broken handle, taking them back up to bed with me and eagerly anticipating the next pages of my book. Clumsily getting back under the duvet I snuggled back in while listening to the wind. It felt like the house was gently moving with it.

Zak made us scrambled eggs for breakfast and we sat chatting sleepy nonsense before he walked down the road to work. After washing up and listening to a podcast episode I opened my laptop and got to work. The incessant wind whipped a draft around my ankles, so I kept myself warm with mugs of tea and eventually gave in to making a hot water bottle. The rain came in and I was glad to be watching it from my window.

In the afternoon the sun came out and I couldn’t wait to go for a walk up the hill outside our house. I knew, though, that if I hadn’t committed to my new project then there’s no way I would’ve gone out for a walk today. I pulled some dirty trousers over my leggings, pushed my camera into one pocket and my phone in the other, and off I went.

The wind was so strong that it stopped me in my tracks before I’d even left the village. Leaves were floating and flipping in the air, overhead wires were swinging, and bits of rubbish flying about on the road. I noticed our neighbour Gordon was outside his house gardening, probably making the most of the sunshine like me. I tried to catch his attention but he didn’t notice me.

As I reached the bottom of the hill I paused to take in the view, noticing a ewe with her newborn lamb sheltering next to the wall. It made me smile to see how protective and gentle she was with her little one. I touched the stone that subtly marks the beginning of the path, wondering how long it’s been standing there.

Halfway up the hill I decided to take a different route to usual, one that I haven’t chosen for a while. It felt gentler, less trodden, and more sheltered from the wind. I appreciated the depth of the colours lit up by the sunshine and watched the shadows of the clouds floating over the landscape.

It felt nice to go slowly today. At one point I saw a sheep lying in the heather and as I approached a little closer she didn’t move. We just looked at each other and I noticed her wool moving with the wind. It was so beautiful, like a meditation. It’s lovely to be still while noticing movement. Just like this morning when I could hear the wind from the comfort of our bed.

When I got home I smiled at the wispy bits of hair that had escaped from my ponytail, and I touched the salt around my eyes from where the wind had made them water. I felt like new. Today reminds me that I should never underestimate the impact of a simple walk up a local hill.


You can find out about my #CreateLocalProject and how to join in here.


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