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The Hill Outside Our House

I have come up with a new local daily project for April and I'd love you to join me! I'm doing this to encourage myself to get out of the house locally, to get writing again, and to explore my photography in new ways. It's simple but beautiful, bringing me closer to my surroundings at home.

The view from the hill towards Grindsbrook

Each morning when I get up to make coffee, the first thing I do is take a look out of our kitchen window. In the near distance sits a beautiful hill and each day it looks different. Sometimes it’s invisible, shrouded in mist, but I know it’s still there.

Since I first visited Edale in the Peak District I have noticed this hill. I see it as the gateway to Kinder Scout and to local adventures. Now that I live here, I can step out of our little cottage and within five minutes I’m huffing and puffing as I take on it’s steep ascent. At the top I am rewarded with an incredible view, from where I can still see our little home in the beautiful village below.

Yesterday (31st March 2020) I took a walk up this hill and I came up with a new idea! I have often noticed that during and after a run or walk my mind unblocks and releases creative flow. So throughout April I’m going to go up the hill every day and explore my creativity with photography, writing, or whatever I feel like doing. I might even sketch - and I am not a sketcher (yet)! Each photo, story or new creative thing will be completely unique, all inspired by the same hill.

If you would like to join in for the whole month, dip in when you can, or just observe the journey then please share and follow this hashtag Instagram and Twitter: #CreateLocalProject which I will start today (1st April 2020). If you’re in a town or city, or if you're staying at home at the moment, you can still join in. It doesn’t need to involve going outside - the project can be anything you choose. I’d really love to hear your ideas if you want to share yours!

I love the simplicity of this project, helping me to slow down my mind a bit and to notice the smallest changes of Spring. I think it will help me to get going with my writing again, which is important to me because I really enjoy putting my feelings and observations into words. It helps me to make sense of things, and it always has done since I was very young.

Today I ran up the hill, passing local farmers and one other person from the village out walking her dog. A distant wave and hello from familiar faces is a really lovely addition to my day, something I am appreciating now more than ever. As I neared the top I noticed that the sun was coming out for the first time today, lighting up the valley below. And I thought - this is a good idea! This is my project for April.

I hope that you can join me in whichever way that you can. If you'd prefer to share privately please email


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