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What happens when you search for a new job?

I remember half-heartedly looking up job titles that were already on my CV - data analyst, administration assistant, operations and sales assistant. Then I’d start to look up similar keywords to see what was thrown up. Once I’d exhausted those options, I would either start to research other random jobs that I thought I might be able to do, or I’d just give up for the day.

I found the whole process mind-numbing, tiring and frustrating. Even if I did occasionally find a job mildly tempting to apply for, there always seemed to be hundreds of hurdles to jump over before I could even contemplate putting my time and energy into writing another cover letter.

My frustration all came down to not actually having any idea what I wanted to do. I felt incredibly lost and alone, while everyone else seemed to just be getting on with their careers and lives. I was buried in ten years worth of work that didn’t stimulate me, self-doubt, and debt. I remember thinking that there was no way out and I often felt helpless. But every time that I tried to accept my choices and just get on with it, there was a niggle that kept coming back.

It was my curiosity that helped me to move beyond my circumstances, because it opened up the little world that I had been keeping myself locked in. It led me towards meeting new people, joining new activities, finding out what I enjoy, and being part of communities. This helped me through the early stages of my career change, more than anything else. My amazing coach Lucia facilitated that process by asking me questions like, “Sarah, what brings you joy?” I didn’t know anymore and I felt ashamed of that, so I started to find out.

This is why I have set up a career change community on patreon. It provides a safe space to think and talk about not knowing what you want to do next, and a place to be curious without pressure. It’s for people who are simply curious to explore what work and lifestyle might be more suited to your individual values. Rather than going straight to online job searches (which can feel like another job in itself), together we will consider other avenues that include creativity, connection, and a sense of adventure.

Before jumping straight into another job, or even a new career path, I needed to find out the simple things about me - what I enjoyed, how I wanted to spend my time, who I wanted to be around, why I felt like I needed a change, and what I wanted to learn. To do this, I needed to open up my world to see what was out there.

Now I want to help you to open up your world, with simple questions, activities, workshops and events. I realise now that none of it is complicated (even though it can certainly feel like it). It can be playful, exciting and adventurous. It can feel magical even! I want to make the experience affordable and accessible too, so if it isn’t for you, then please get in touch to make it so.

I will create experiences that take you away from feeling lost and alone like I did. Will you join my community?

The first 15 members will be invited to an outdoor meetup in a beautiful woodland close to Edale in the Peak District. This will include a circular walk from the village, and a sit-down facilitated workshop in the woods with some simple and effective coaching questions to explore.

Once we have a few more members, I will check with everyone what time would suit most people. If you can’t make it, or you’d prefer to stay local, then I can send you the questions by email so that you can find an outdoor space close to you where you can sit and write your answers, and then have the option of sending them to me. Please note that there will be plenty more opportunities to get involved with events, and some of these will be online if you can’t get to Edale.

What you need to do to join the community:

  • Become a patron for £5+VAT per month

  • Join my private facebook group after you've become a patron (this is of course optional - let me know if you’d prefer contact through the patron page and by email). A link will be sent to you after you've joined my patreon community.

That’s it! Please email any questions that you may have to:


If you'd prefer to book in a 1-1 session with me then please get in touch by email. If you'd still like to be part of the patreon community then I will offer you a discounted rate for 1-1 coaching with me once you're a member.


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