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Stephen Reid's Journey into Filmmaking

In what ways can making videos feel meaningful? This is what Stephen explains at the beginning of his interview on About The Adventure podcast while sharing the reasons why he started a YouTube channel. Themes during Stephen’s interview include the pressure he puts on himself to do a good job, his thoughts on nerves being a part of life, what it’s like to combine personal hobbies with work, the importance of keeping active, how he got into making commercial videos, and why he started trailrunning. 

Man with video camera and quote text
Listen to Stephen's story about his journey into filmmaking

I think that you'll find this interview particularly valuable if you:

  • find it hard to find the balance between paid and meaningful work

  • are thinking about venturing into making YouTube videos

  • feel that you've lost direction with your filmmaking

  • struggle with nerves when working or being on camera

  • have concerns about mixing up hobbies with work

“I’ve never been a publicly confident person which really surprises people.”

At the end of the interview, Stephen asks you a question that might help you to open up your thinking about taking a different career path that will give you more creative freedom and time outside.

Listen to Louise's interview

Also available on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and you can download it here to listen offline.


Recording information

This episode was recorded at my house in Edale on 2nd November 2023.


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Final notes

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