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Are you prepared to sacrifice your life for your job? - Career Change with Ranaa Farooq

Ranaa Farooq is an abstract painter and life coach living in Sheffield. She originally trained as a doctor and worked as a GP up until the start of her artistic journey. This came after a period of soul searching and realisation that she had suppressed the need to express herself visually. In this interview, Ranaa shares her powerful journey of self development so far and describes the process of painting itself as therapy.

A woman standing on a bridge
Ranaa Farooq - Abstract artist and life coach

I think that you'll find this interview particularly valuable if you are:

  • fearful of changing career because of the sense of responsbility in your current job

  • feeling negatively affected by your day-to-day work

  • struggling to envisage a way out of where you are currently working

  • holding back on what you really want to achieve in your life

  • thinking you have to stay in your current line of work because you've worked hard to get there and/or because of the perceived expectations of others

  • curious about art as a form of therapy

Don’t hold back in your thoughts about what it is that you want to go and achieve in your life.

Some of the themes that we discuss include Ranaa's dreams about being an artist while growing up, how she gets into a meditative space and lets herself be guided how she feels while painting, what it’s like having her own art studio, and the importance of taking a break. At the end she has a question for you that may prompt a new way of thinking about any changes you want to make in your own life.

Listen to Ranaa's interview

Click play below to listen now. This episode is also available on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and you can download it here to listen offline.

Ranaa’s Links

Recording information

This episode was recorded in the foothills of Edale Valley on 24th April 2024.


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