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Is it worth retraining for a different career? - Peter Morton at RedOakBushcrafts

Does it take a lot of courage to change your career path? Peter Morton thinks it does, and it was his own boss who gave him the nudge to do so! In 2006 he left his job in IT to pursue a career in outdoor education as a freelance instructor. This led on to the creation of RedOakBushcrafts, a family run business in the Peak District.

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Peter Morton - RedOakBushcrafts

I think that you'll find this interview particularly valuable if you are:

  • feeling unhappy and inefficient in your current job

  • wondering if retraining in something else is worth it

  • thinking about a career change after spending many years in the same role

  • considering a new line of work that will free up more time to spend with family

  • have an interest in outdoor careers

  • interested in learning about bushcraft and wilderness skills

It was my boss...he turned round to me one day and said "you're not happy are you? What do you want to do?"...We hatched an escape plan.

At the end of the interview, Peter asks you a really helpful question to help you with exploring your own career change.

Listen to Peter's interview

Also available on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and you can download it here to listen offline.

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Recording information

This episode was recorded on the slopes of the Great Ridge in Edale, underneath a tarp, on 9th February 2024.


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