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Panjango - Exciting journeys through the world of work

Jon is on step one of an ambitious mission - to transform the way that young people learn. Find out how and why in this episode of About The Adventure podcast!

"I feel like going on adventures myself has led me to be more adventurous within the business world as well."

In my second podcast episode I interviewed my friend Jon Maiden, Co-founder & CEO of Panjango.

I first came across Jon when he was a guest on BBC Radio Sheffield - my ears pricked up when I heard him talking about microadventures. I looked him up, emailed him, we met up in a pub in Sheffield for a couple of drinks, and we've stayed in touch ever since.

Jon is on step one of an ambitious mission - to transform the way that young people learn. Find out how and why in this episode of About The Adventure podcast! We talk about career change, what happens behind the scenes at Panjango, and the importance of going to wild places. Here’s the lowdown on the questions I ask him:

  • Why did you decide to change your career?

  • Have there been any fears that you've pushed yourself to face?

  • What's it like running your own business?

  • How do you think that careers education, information and advice can be better for people?

  • How do you define your life and your purpose?

  • Who do you think can have the greatest influence on helping people to find careers with meaning and purpose?

  • Is there anyone in your life who really inspires or influences you?

  • When do you feel that your work is really making a difference?

  • Do you think that there's an ideal age to start thinking about careers?

  • What happens behind the scenes of running your business?

  • Where are you spending your time when you're not working?

  • How has your passion for adventure influenced your career path and decisions in life?

  • Where does your adventurous spirit come from?

  • Why do think it's important to spend time in wild places?

  • How do you find time for that now you're running a business?

  • What happens to you and your work if you don't get away from it all?

  • Is there a particular environment that you need to be in to come up with new ideas for your business?

I think that this episode will be of particular interest to people who are thinking about career change but feel stuck on the question of what job, to teachers looking for a new and modern approach to careers education, to parents considering how to encourage their children to connect learning to life, and to people interested in how spending time outside can make a positive impact on creativity, decision-making and confidence.

Tune in to this episode of About The Adventure Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, my podcast host, or on my website.

This episode was recorded in Sheffield at Kurious Arts podcast studio on 13th February 2020. Please see Panjango’s website and social media links below to find out more about their products and resources, and you’ve got to see the microadventures that Jon has been up to over the years over on his blog.


Podcast artwork by Tiffany Francis-Baker

Podcast music created by multi-instrumentalist Sarah Sharp

Podcast production by Joe Willis at Kurious Arts podcast studio.


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