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Helen Turton - Life is happening now, live it!

How do you know when it's the right time and the right opportunity to move on to something else in your career? Tune into this podcast episode to find out Helen's approach to making decisions in work and life, listen to snippets of her adventure stories, and enjoy her dynamic personality as she shines through the audio waves!

“That’s one of the risks in life. You can get so concerned and so worried that you end up doing nothing.”

In my sixth episode I interviewed "polar girl" Helen Turton - UK Manager of Newland Expeditions, which specialises in guided ski expeditions and winter polar training at all levels. Helen's passion is for taking part and guiding on expeditions, including skiing over Greenland, Svalbard, Iceland, many locations in Norway, and to both the North and South Poles. On return, she loves to share her experiences, delivering presentations and workshops, inspiring other people to believe in their dreams. 

I invited Helen to be a guest on the show because of her dynamic personality, inspiring stories, and positive outlook towards life. She really lives by her company motto "Life is happening it!" Even through the pandemic, she continues to work, stay connected with colleagues and clients, and to prepare for future trips. While she's here in the Peak District I couldn't wait to grab the opportunity for our interview and I really enjoyed recording it in the autumn sunshine next to flowing water, which hopefully you'll be able to hear in the background. During the show, I ask Helen:

  • Why do you choose to manage an expedition company and lead expeditions as your main source of work?

  • As an adventurer, what's it been like spending the last few months in the Peak District?

  • How did you make the transition from working for Nottingham County Council to becoming an expedition leader?

  • Did any initial worries or concerns about making a career change actually happen during your experience?

  • Which of your qualifications have been the most useful to you throughout your career so far?

  • How did you feel before you took on the courses that you've done?

  • What have you pushed yourself to do as a way of pursuing your career path?

  • Do you think that what you're doing now connects with what you imagined you would go on to do when you were really young?

  • What would you say to people who haven't discovered their true passion yet?

  • Have you had to make any sacrifices in your life because of work and travel?

  • What’s your approach to solving problems and handling tricky situations?

  • Who do you work with at Newland Expeditions?

  • How have you been staying in touch with your colleagues and clients this year?

  • How do you take time out for yourself?

  • Where do you think that your appetite for adventure comes from?

  • What powerful question would ask somebody who is thinking about planning a new adventure challenge or becoming an expedition leader?

  • What trips are you planning for 2021?

Make sure that you listen all the way to the end because Helen asks you a question to take away and think about.

I think that this episode will be of particular interest to people who are: thinking about moving towards a career that involves outdoor leadership, planning an adventure or expedition, needing a nudge to step out of their comfort zone, or noticing a lack of direction.

Tune in to this episode of About The Adventure Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, About The Adventure website, or click on this magic link to listen on your favourite app.

This episode was recorded outdoors by Sarah Lister in the Peak District on 4th November 2020 and edited by Gabby Wolstenholme.

You can follow Newland Expeditions on Instagram, Facebook, or visit their website.

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Podcast artwork by Tiffany Francis-Baker

Podcast music created by multi-instrumentalist Sarah Sharp


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