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Gabby Wolstenholme - Being kind is the best way to find work

If trawling through job ads and constantly trying to improve your CV doesn't really float your boat, how else might you approach finding new work opportunities? Tune into this podcast episode to find out Gabby's unconventional route to getting work, hear about how she has handled the challenges that she's faced, why she decided to go to University, and how living in the Peak District has made an impact on her creativity.

"Just try and do your best, whatever it means that day."

In my fifth episode I interviewed Gabby Wolstenholme - a filmmaker, theatremaker, musician, collective owner and a director. Her passion lies in creating and this has always been the case for her. She graduated from York St John University in 2020 with a 1st class degree in drama and theatre. Now living back in Edale in the Peak District where she grew up, Gabby has a variety of work in the village which includes serving customers at Edale General Store, supporting outdoor lifestyle brand Jam Cycling, and editing this podcast!

I asked Gabby to be a guest on the show because of her unconventional route to finding new work opportunities. Rather than spending months sending off job applications and curating a CV, she has been offered new opportunities by meeting people and being open to work. As a recent graduate, I also wanted to capture her perspective on University life and how important she thinks it is to get a degree. During the show, I ask Gabby:

  • How has living here had an impact on your creativity?

  • Why did you decide to study drama and theatre at York St John University?

  • Was your experience of University how you expected it to be?

  • Do you think that going to University is important for your career?

  • Do you think it’s important for any other reasons?

  • What valuable things did you learn about yourself throughout your three years at Uni?

  • How do you approach finding new work opportunities?

  • What is it that makes you say yes to a new job or project?

  • When have you been challenged to do something that you’d usually shy away from?

  • How do you handle the challenges that you face?

  • What question would you ask somebody who is thinking about going to University?

  • What question would you ask somebody who is looking for a new approach to thinking about their career?

Make sure that you listen all the way to the end because Gabby asks you a couple of question to take away and think about.

I think that this episode will be of particular interest to people who are thinking about going to University, to parents who are talking to their children about University and work options for the future, to anyone looking for a different approach to finding interesting work opportunities, and to students who are worried about entering the world of work.

Tune in to this episode of About The Adventure Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, podcast hosting site or on my website About The Adventure. Or just click on this magic link to listen in your favourite app.

This episode was recorded outdoors by Sarah Lister in the Peak District on 7th October 2020 and edited by Gabby Wolstenholme.

You can follow Gabby on Instagram and check out her artist portfolio here.

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Podcast artwork by Tiffany Francis-Baker

Podcast music created by multi-instrumentalist Sarah Sharp


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