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Career coaching outside with Sarah Lister - About The Adventure

Imagine sharing your true self with someone who really listens. Coaching is a powerful tool for people who feel that they are unseen and unheard. A session with me is an opportunity to speak your truth. Give your ideas, desires and needs space to expand. I’m listening. Tell me.

A woman standing on a stile in the Peak District countryside
Career coach Sarah Lister - Peak District

What would you like to think about today? This is where we begin. An opening for you to explore while we take the first steps on our walk together. From me you will receive curious attention that welcomes expansion. I will simply ask more about you, allowing you to hear your unique voice and beautiful expression.

I know it feels vulnerable to say your thoughts and feelings out loud. It’s ok if you stumble with your words, regularly pause for thought, need a break to appreciate the views, cry while we walk. I’ve been in your shoes and I say - come exactly as you are.

How often do you express yourself without interruption? It can seem impossible, and make you feel invisible. This is why I think coaching is special. Previously unspoken things will get some air, grow, and feel different just for being said. This can provide a feeling of release and create a renewed sense of direction.

How does being outside add to the experience of coaching?

Our movement around the winding paths, rivers and rocks reflects the meandering flow of our conversation. There’s no pressure to quicken your pace, reach a particular destination, or to take any shortcuts. We are essentially on a journey together.

Eventually we might reach a turning point or a new perspective - a different path or a spectacular view, a decision or a new way of seeing things when the fog clears. As if by magic, we get to the core of an issue.

A coaching session outside can help you to come to your senses through your contact with the elements, the sounds you notice, your responses to smells and tastes, and your body awareness while moving or sitting. It’s a whole experience that can help you to feel present and grounded. This helps you to move towards understanding and clarity.

How will you feel at the end of a coaching session with me?

Relieved Positive Hopeful Open to new possibilities Calm Grounded Alive

The end will feel like a beginning.


Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the coaching session - as I think I mentioned on the day, the biggest thing I was worried about for any kind of coaching session/careers advice was that at the end of it I wouldn't feel that I was any further forward and that I'd just wasted my time and money. That was emphatically NOT the case - I really enjoyed the session and it's made me think about things in entirely different ways. I'm feeling very positive about the future now, thanks to you :-)Phil


How to book a coaching session with me

I work in a very flexible way in which I let you take the lead. Would you like to:

  • have a chat first to get to know each other a little bit and to explore how we begin?

  • book an online or outdoor coaching session straight away?

  • receive some questions for you to spend time responding to so that you can get a feel for coaching questions?

  • purchase a voucher as a gift?

  • ask me something?

Send me an email to let me know:

My remote sessions are usually for 1 hour and the outdoor sessions for 3-4 hours. A coaching session on foot in the Peak District can vary from a valley walk to a moorland hike, depending on how you feel, your fitness and walking wear, and of course the weather conditions.

If you'd like to find out more then please request a brew and a chat with me.


I send out a newsletter with a coaching question, featured walks, and new episodes of my podcast About The Adventure which features career change interviews. Please have a read and subscribe if you would like to receive this.

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