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Career change with Louise Earnshaw - Life outside of a classroom

In this interview Louise Earnshaw says that since leaving her job as a teacher she is being kinder to herself and has found her personality again. Through her career change she has become the owner of all of the decisions that are being made and that’s why she can be kinder to herself, because she's not panicking about the next thing that somebody is going to tell her to do. She says that she finds this really liberating as she explores life outside of a classroom. Please join us in this Peak District woodland with your flask, a pencil and a drawing pad.

Louise Earnshaw sitting in a Peak District woodland
Career change interview with Louise Earnshaw

I think that you'll find this interview particularly valuable if you:

  • experienced bullying when you were at school

  • feel dismayed by the pressure and toxic environment in your workplace

  • struggle with knowing when to stop work for the day

  • are considering self-employment in the outdoor or creative industries

  • think you've been taken for granted in your job

Themes during Louise’s interview include her concerns about finances, imposter syndrome, feelings of inadequacy during her early education years, the positive impact of outdoor pursuits, and managing her time now that she has more freedom and flexibility.

"When I became a teacher I decided that every child deserves to have a chance."

At the end of the interview, Louise gives you a simple creative task that might help you to take a step towards making a change in your life.

Here’s the list of questions that I asked Louise:

  • What does it feel like being sat here on a Wednesday morning when just a few months ago you would’ve been doing your job as a teacher?

  • Is the outdoors instructing something that you did alongside teaching?

  • How do you balance all of the different elements of your work?

  • What was it about Ali Foxon’s training that made you fly with it?

  • How long had you been thinking about leaving teaching?

  • Did you feel powerless to be able to do anything about it in the educational system?

  • Have you taken a big hit financially?

  • What would you say are the unmet needs that you experienced as a teacher that you’re discovering about yourself now?

  • Is there anything that unsettles you now that you have more freedom?

  • Why do you think you doubt yourself?

  • Did you go into teaching because you had a challenging experience at school?

  • What question would you like to leave us with?

Listen to Louise's interview

Also available on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and you can download it here to listen offline.

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Recording information

This episode was recorded in a Peak District woodland on 5th July 2023.


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