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Career change with Jen Scotney - Forging a new path

In this interview Jen Scotney says that she is still finding her way since she stopped working as a human rights lawyer. Through her career change she's forging a new path that balances writing, creating her podcast, hosting yoga retreats, and coaching, and emphasises the importance of deep rest. Jen is less about job labels and more about moving towards what is calling her - “I have this faith that if you go with what you enjoy, you can’t go wrong.”

Photo of Jen Scotney with a quote from her interview - "I've spent way too long paralysed by fear."
Jen Scotney - White Edge Yoga

I think that this episode about career change will resonate most with people who are:

  • suffering in the workplace, particuarly with losing health

  • thinking about forging a new path but reluctant to let go of the investment in education and years of work experience

  • worried about "going backwards" by changing direction

  • curious about how to get out of a situation that makes you feel trapped

The first 20 minutes of this episode on About The Adventure podcast is focused on running, Jen’s work as a coach, and how osteoarthritis has affected her. In the second part Jen talks about her career as a lawyer, the effects of burnout and chronic fatigue, and the steps she has taken since she decided to stop working as a lawyer.

Themes include burnout, chronic fatigue, bereavement, not fitting in to office life, the shame of not being able to cope with work, self-employment and career change. Jen also talks about the importance of flexibility to allow for time in nature, deep rest, and authentic connection.

"Flexibility is having the opportunity to go out in nature when I want. When I was commuting over a winter I'd leave in the dark and get back in the dark. That's not a life for me that I want. In a way it does feel quite radical to come out of that mold and that box."

At the end of the interview, Jen asks you a question that might help you to break out of thinking that it’s too late or too challenging for a career change.

Here’s the list of the questions I asked Jen:

  • How do you work with people as a running coach?

  • How has not running anymore had an impact on your work as a running coach?

  • How do you handle stressful times without running?

  • Do you give yourself permission to give yourself time off?

  • How difficult was it to make the decision to not enter the spine race?

  • Does choosing yourself and your health apply to your career decisions as well?

  • Did the profession disappoint you?

  • How did it feel making the decision to step away from your career as a lawyer?

  • When you were initially considering a career change, how do you think you got to where you are now and how is that going to guide you?

  • Do you ever feel like it can be lonely if most other people are in office jobs?

  • Question sent in from Angie: What do you do to stop yourself from spiralling when you’re having a bad day?

  • How do these things apply now with your podcast and writing a book?

  • Is your relationship with your husband better since you became happier with the work that you’re doing?

  • Are there some areas in your life now that you feel resistance towards?

  • What’s the motivation to share your story?

  • What are you working towards?

White Edge Yoga

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Recording information

This episode was recorded inside a Peak District bothy on 30th June 2023.


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