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Career change with Anna Danby - Mountain Leader

While the rain pours, transport yourself to the Scottish Highlands to hear about Anna's career path to becoming a mountain leader who provides unique experiences that invite personal connection with wild places. She is a remarkable woman - an adventurous climber, a mother, a winter mountain leader, and a facilitator of human connections with nature.

Anna Danby climbing

Why is it important for humans to reconnect with nature? Anna Danby says it is essential if we ever want to move towards a more sustainable way of being on planet earth and when thinking about our impact on this place that we call home.

This ethos has shaped her career from doing a Post Grad course at the University of Edinburgh in ‘Outdoor Environmental and Sustainability Education’, to taking up a position within the Learning Team at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, and what she does now as the Founder of Wild Roots Highland Guiding.

Themes during Anna’s interview include moving to live in the Scottish mountains, training as a Mountain Leader during her pregnancy, starting a company during the covid pandemic, resilience, collaboration, outdoor leadership and wild roots.

At the end of the interview, Anna asks you a question that might help you to break out of thinking that it’s too late or too challenging for a career change.

Here’s the list of the questions I asked Anna:

  • How would you describe the mountains in Scotland?

  • What’s your preferred time of year in the mountains?

  • How did you get to where you are now?

  • What was it like doing your Mountain Leader training when you were pregnant?

  • Has it taken a lot of courage to take the steps in your career?

  • Have you had times in the mountains when you’ve felt really vulnerable or fearful?

  • How do you facilitate connection with the landscape through your offerings?

  • Is it tricky to do because people want to chat?

  • What transitions do you witness in people?

  • What’s it like collaborating in your work?

  • What’s the most effective way that attracts people to your offerings?

  • Do you worry about the weather when you’re leading an experience?

  • Has your outdoor work affected your personal adventures and family life?

  • Where do your wild roots lie?

  • What’s the impact that you want to make through your work and in your life?

  • Do you think that most things can be resolved and worked through?

Wild Roots Highland Guiding Take a look at Anna’s website to find out more about her work, and follow Wild Roots Guiding on Instagram and Facebook. You can also connect with Anna on LinkedIn.

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Recording information

This episode was recorded online on 15th June 2023.


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