Career Coaching for people who don't know where to begin

Have you ever really known what you want to do?

Career coaching can help you to find out through a process of answering unique questions that break through repetitive

thought patterns and encourage a fresh perspective.

My Approach


I ask questions so that you can deeply explore and discover your answers.


I believe that movement outdoors helps ideas and conversations flow.


Creative questions and exercises that encourage exploration & expression.


We will make room for freedom  of thought & playfulness.

Career change

is about the adventure 

I want to make career coaching more affordable and accessible to a wider range of people, including anyone who is unemployed or with financial challenges.

If my prices are still unaffordable for you but you would like to book a session with me, please do still request one and I will do my very best to make it happen.


As a career coach I mostly work with people who want a complete change, not just in their work but also their lifestyle. Coaching is questions-based rather than advice-based. I ask questions that will move and shift your answers beyond anything that you have experienced before.

My approach to coaching is the same as my approach to life

- curious, playful, and positive.

The experiences we have together can be truly life-changing, simply through spending time outside and having great conversations.

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Phonecall while we walk -


Stay At Home Session

Video chat on Skype/Zoom -£35/session

 Sarah is one of the special few whose energy questions and encourages at every turn and with her gentle and considered guidance I am beginning to understand what it’s going to take to grasp the challenges ahead while being able to appreciate but not be burdened by the past. It’s an education I wasn’t aware I needed but now can’t do without. Im looking forward to seeing what the next few months will uncover. What was trepidation has become an intrepid journey toward my future self. I’m excited again!”

Sam, Filmmaker


About Sarah Lister

I think that careers are really important because people spend most of their lives working. 

When we take the pressures away, our careers are essentially how we choose to spend our time.

After Uni I went with the city desk job route but after ten years of commuting and wishing I was somewhere else, I knew that I wanted a total change. 

I felt really lost at first because I had never seriously considered what I wanted my career to be. It felt overwhelming to suddenly be answering those questions on my own.

I found the endless job searching and CV updates really uninspiring, so I began to explore how else I could discover a meaningful career path for myself. 

That was the point that I discovered coaching and started to explore a whole new way of life for myself. 

Now I live in the Peak District where I do freelance work for Sheffield Digital to support my work as a coach and I go hiking and trailrunning in the hills.

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